It's been a very, very long time since last posted on this blog, the main reason for this is because I'm trying new money making techniques that do need some time. I haven't had a lot of succes using these techniques, but I'm still trying -Rome wasn't built in one day you know....

BUT I've made some smal cash from PTC sites, that I had mentioned before. I just wanted to test them out and see if they were really paying. And after a couple of weeks of clicking I earned my first few dollars....

Here are the reports:

Neobux: $2
This is one of the most reliable PTC's I've encountered and I've read a lot of good comments and YES they pay. (already been paid $2)

I'm going to try and post some screenshots later on...

YouCubez, Click Yourself to the Money

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Youcubez is a site that I found some time ago, but I really didn't use it. These few couple of days I was searching the net, and read that the earned some good money using YouCubez. So, I decided to give it a try. At first sight it seems a bit of a strange site with a lot of Cubez, and it seems rather complicated if you ask me. From what I've understood is that you can advertise on it YouCubez by buying a Cube of your own for £ 1.00 a year.

This is what you can read in the FAQ for the advertisers:


  • As a member you may purchase a backlink in the form of a cube from just £1.00 for 1 year - less than 9p/month.
  • Cubez are arranged on the pages in order of value (There are many ways to increase the value of your cube). The higher the position of your cube, the more clicks it is likely to attract.
  • You may purchase guaranteed clicks for your cube (like traditional PTC sites) - from just 50p.
  • Unlike traditional "pay to" sites, your link will remain online even after your clicks have ended
The main reason I'm checking Youcubez is, because I want to know how you can make money out of it. It looks alot like a PTC site, by clicking a certain amount of cubez each day you earn something like £0.008 ($0.016) which is a bit higher then the normal PTC sites I'm used to. There's also a referral option that will make you £0.004 ($0.008) for every click your referrals make (you can make more depending on your referral).

  • Earn up to £0.008 ($0.016) for clicking PTC cubes.
  • Earn up to £0.004 ($0.008) for your referrals clicking PTC cubes.
  • Earn up to 20% commission on items purchased by your Level 1 Referred Members.
  • Earn up to 10% commission on items purchased by your Level 2 Referred Members.
  • Earn additional money completing offers.
  • Low minimum and daily payouts.
  • Buying and Selling Cubes has become an intricate part of By purchasing a cube from £1.00, you may increase it's value (for FREE) and then sell it to another member for REAL money - no minimum payout on cubes sold.
There's also a third way you can earn money with YouCubez, which is: selling your purchased cubez to other people. To conclude, I don't think you can make a living out of YouCubez. See it as a bit of pocket money.

You may have noticed that I wasn't online this past month, the reason was simply because I was on vacation. I wanted to put up a post the day before I left, but my internet fell out. So no post.. but now that I'm back I will try to post as often as possible. One month without the internet is alot, and I still need to get used to it.

There was one good thing that happened during my absence: I got paid by PayPerPost! I'm really satisfied that I finally earned some money with this blog, and I wasn't even that hard.

PayPerPost: $35! (1 post+ 1 referral) $ 1.48 (to check all the bux sites visit my other blog)
MyLot: $ 0.41

Where Should Invest My Money?

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I think there are many people who are asking themselves the same question. Isn't it stupid now that you have some money, you don't where to invest it. Why am I doubting? Well, there are too many options, where I can invest the money I earn. I've made a little list of potential areas where I could invest.

Here they are:

1. Publicity

So, in my opinion this should be considered very important for any blogger. I'm thinking of investing my money to buy some Entrecard credits, with those credits I could buy traffic or comments, and advertise on more expensive sites or blogs. There also maybe a small possibility that I could buy some strong backlinks from sites with a high PR. These could bring a lot of good quality traffic, and increase my Pagerank. I could buy a 1000 pageviews from PTC sites, but I don't know if this is a good idea. And last but not least I could invest money in PayPerClick sites like Adsense or Bidvertiser, but I think you need a really fat budget to do this. Remember, there's always a risk when you want to invest in publicity, it could turn out in a total disaster or it could play in your favour.

2. Domains

I don't know much about domains, but I'm thinking of buying some good domains as an investment. I want to see if I could bring in more traffic with my own domain instead of using a free blog platform, it's not that I'm not happy with my Blogger blog, but I want to see if it would be easier to bring in traffic. I also think, I will have more freedom when I have my own domain.

If you have some other ideas, I would be glad to hear them.

OR you could just use the money to buy yourself gift, or walk in your favourite pub, and buy a round. :D

get paid to blog with PayPerPost! My blog has been approved by PayperPost! The first time I applied I was rejected, because my blog didn't met up with the requirements ( 30 days old, with a minimum of 30 posts). I signed up with PayPerPost, because I read a lot of positive comments about PayPerPost on several trustworthy blogs. I think that PayPerPost is the best way to monetize your blog if your blog is still young.

One of the main reasons I joined PayPerPost is to earn money, with PayPerPost you can earn from 5$-100$ by just writing a good review. You get paid 30 days after your post is accepted, and all payments are made with PayPal, so be sure to have an account ready. Second reason why I joined PayPerPost was because they have a good referral program, each time you refer someone you get paid 15$, after your referral makes his first post.

Now, what am I going to do with the money I earn with PayPerPost? Well, I'm still considering several options, but I think I will reinvest a part of it into my blog, maybe make some publicity. I'll put the rest of the money on my bank account, hoping I can one day buy myself a new computer, because the one I'm using is a bit prehistoric (in computer terms).

I've been using Commission Junction for quite a while now, but haven't had any success yet, mainly because I've stopped putting them on my blog. For those of you, who haven't heard of Commission Junction, I'll give a little explanation.

Commission Junction is the must-have website for every blogger or webmaster who's interested in joining the affiliate market. Commission Junction has a wide range of affiliates programs stored in their database, and it's really easy to use, if you want to find an affiliate program that matches your niche, you only have to click on 'get links', and type in your niche in the search bar. After you've pressed enter, you'll find a list with a whole bunch of affiliate programs, most of them related to your niche. When you've found the affiliate program that you want, just click on the little square beside it, and then click 'Apply To Program'. Sometimes it will take a while before you get accepted, but most of the affiliate programs will accept you immediately. Once you've been accepted, you can place the different Banners or Text Links on your blog.

There are three ways, that you can earn money with Commission Junction:

1. Sale

This one pretty self-explanatory, if you sell one of the products that you're promoting, you'll get a commission on that product. Sales give you the largest commission, if you can sell a lot of products, you can expect a large amount of money (Depending on the niche of course). The highest paying affiliates are the web hosting sites, if you can sell one of their products you could earn a serious amount of money lets say from 50$ to 150$ per sale.

2. Lead

If one of your visitors signs up with the site your promoting, but doesn't buy anything, you'll get commission, because you gave them a 'Lead'.

3. Impression

Every time your ad gets viewed a 1000 times, you'll get a little commission, just like Adsense.

4. PayperClick

I've noticed some of the affiliate programs using PayperClick, but there aren't a lot of them out there. I think they paid 0.1 per click, but I could be mistaken.

To conclude, Commssion Junction is in my opinion a really good program to make the first steps in the affiliate marketing world.

As I've said in the past, social networks play a big role in getting you traffic. There are hundreds of them spreaded out on the internet. The only thing you got to do is to sign up with them, and make a lot of friends. Why, should you make a lot of friends? Well, they are the ones who decide if your article will get any attention at all. No votes, no traffic.

Once you've added some friends, you'll see a great increase in your traffic. Keep in mind, that this traffic will slowly decrease. So, you need to be active on these social networks to constantly get traffic. You'll be thinking that's going to take a lot of work, and time. Don't despair! There are plenty of groups out there, that have been made to exchange votes like for example this one on Blogcatalog. Remember, all of these groups are based on give, and take.

Google loves social networks, these past few weeks I submitted some articles of mine on several social networks. I've noticed that a lot my articles got a pretty good ranking in the Google search engine, all thanks to the high PR of these social networks, that attract thousands of visitors each day.

My personal top 3 of social networks, that gave me a good amount of traffic.

1. Digg

This is my absolute favourite out of the three. It's easy to add friends, and you can reach 200 people with a simple shout.

2. StumbleUpon

Still trying to figure this one out, but I've heard a lot of positive reactions. I see great potential in this one.

3. Reddit

And last, but not least, Reddit. Great source to submit all of your articles, but I personally still prefer Digg.

Associated Content is a web platform that allows you to submit several different types of content like text, video, audio and images. You can write about almost everything, and you could get paid for it. If you don't like to write, you can always use Associated Content as an information source, there are a huge amount of interesting articles in their database on almost every topic.I just signed up with them, and I hope I will earn some money by submitting my articles.

Associated Content pays all of his members through Paypal every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but you must have a minimum of 1.50$ in your account. There's no limit on the amount of money you can earn with them. There are 3 ways, that you can earn money trough your content.

1. PPM (payment per thousand page views)

A lot of the Associated Content members earn most of their money through this feature. The more your content gets viewed the more you will be paid. When your 'Clout' level begins to rise you're payrate for every PPM will also rise, thus earning you more money.

More information click here

2. Upfront Payment

This is an advanced payment offered, before your content is published. To receive such a payment you have to be an United States citizen.

You may be unable to submit content for Upfront Payment for one of the following reasons: 1. You are under 18 years old. 2. You are not a citizen or legal resident of the United States. 3. You selected a submission template for a type of content for which we do not offer Upfront Payment (video, audio, slideshow or short story/prose).

'So, I won't be the one earning any money from this'.

You must focus on promoting your article to receive as much PPMs as possible. Here are some tips from Associated Content. Most of them are very useful. You can find them here.


Free Annual Credit Report

If you never heard of Squidoo, imagine it as Blog, but with a little less options. Squidoo has been reviewed by The New York Times, Mashable, BoingBoing,... and is one of the 300 most popular sites in the US. Like on a blog, you write articles about the things you love or the things that inspire you. Every article that you write on Squidoo, is called a Lens, that is divided in several different modules. Every module is sponsored by a company like Ebay or Amazon, where you can promote their products, and earn a commission if you sell one of them. There's money to be made! You could keep all of the money for yourself, or you could donate a percentage of your profit to charity.

Squidoo has a large community with a forum. I would advise you to participate in this forum, certainly when you're a beginner, to attract readers and to learn more about Squidoo. The first thing you should when you've signed up is to make a nice profile, this way you'll get more attention. Squidoo is a perfect opportunity to get traffic to your blog. If you can make a good lens with links to your blog, and maybe reach the Top 100 lenses, you could get a good traffic boost to your blog.

Useful links:

Getting Started with Squidoo
The Squidoo Forum
Lens of the Day

I'll try to make a more detailed post soon.

Like every Blogger I'm searching for new visitors from various sources like BlogExplosion, MyLot, Linkreferral. A couple of days ago I've signed up with Traffic Swarm another traffic exchange program. The main difference with other traffic exchange programs is that you choose the blog category that you're interested in. For instance, you like web hosting sites. You go on TS, and choose the category web hosting. Now you'll surf on blogs that talk about webhosting. Be sure to put your blog in the right categories, or you'll attract the wrong visitors. Like every other manual traffic exchange program you need to surf in order to get credits to 'pay' your visitors.

Another traffic exchange program is Fast Easy Traffic. It's easy to sign up with, and it even has videos on how to use it. Again you'll have to surf sites to get visitors, most of the sites you visit offer money making schemes, that promise you to make tons of cash in only one month. So, it's really annoying to every time see those SCAM sites. If they have the 'program' to make someone rich, why don't they use it themselves? Now, back to the program, once you've gathered some visits you can allocate the credits you've earned to a site of your preference. I can assure you that you'll get visitors! You'll think, WOW, this is wonderful I'll sign up right away! Then when you go to your Google Analytics page at the end of the day, you'll see plenty of visitors from Fast Easy Traffic, but all with a bounce rate of a 100%. How did that happen? Well, all of those visitors are just like you: they want traffic, and won't mind checking out your blog for five seconds to get one credit to allocate to their blog. Maybe Fast Easy Traffic would be a better program if they insert categories like TS.

I'm not so sure if traffic exchange programs can bring you good traffic. You could get a 1000+ visitors of those programs, and get maybe only 10 visitors who really read your blog. Is it worth spending hours on those programs for just 10 'real' visitors?

Get paid for reviewing my post!

Creating contests on your blog can bring you a big traffic boost. Giving away things for free has always been a good way to attract people to a blog. Who doesn't want to get something without really doing anything? Tons of companies promote their products by giving away free samples, authors of ebooks always offer a little preview of their book. As you can see giving away free things is a common used promoting technique. Ok, you'll think 'what do I earn from it?' First of all you'll get a lot of visitors who could become potential subscribers, and therefore could make your blog more popular. Ultimately, you could generate a lot of backlinks to your blog if you play your cards right.

The first thing you should consider before starting a contest is : "Do I have the means to start a competition?" People want contests who are worth participating, if you can't offer them a good price, they won't join. If you haven't got anything you could always search for a sponsor, there are always some generous bloggers who would like to give you a hand, obviously you should mention them in your contest. Haven't got the means or the sponsors? You could always try to be creative, and who knows what could happen. Plenty of people have managed to set up a succesfull contest simply by using their imagination.

Once you've set your price you should promote your contest to the max. You can promote your contest by putting it on forums, social networks, communities, emails, ....Try to do your best in promoting it, thus your contest will have a lot of benefits.

Secrets To Quality Blogging

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I hope I have your attention. For me there's no real secret to blogging, but as Juvenal said 'Mens sana in corpore sano' translated a 'healty mind in a healthy body'. This especially applies to bloggers. A blogger needs to find a balance between blogging and real life. If you achieve this, then you're well on your way to becoming a successfull blogger. I personnally impose or atleast try to follow these 3 rules:

1. Time

Many bloggers spend hours on their blog, checking every 10 minutes if someone clicked on their Adsense ads. I admit the first day I put ads on my blog, I checked every 5 minutes. The result was always the same 'a big fat zero'! Eventually I stopped checking my account, and decided to maybe look at it every two days. I applied the same thing to Google Analytics, and other traffic statistics. Remember blogging takes time, work, and a lot of patience. Everyone who starts a blog to earn money with it shouldn't expect to see any income the first days ( there are always some exceptions of course), but don't be discouraged by this.

2. Healthy Lifestyle

I'm not a doctor, but if I were one I would certainly tell you to get out of that lazy chair, and take walk outside to refresh your braincells with some high quality oxygen. Join a sportclub or go drink a beer just make sure you get away from your computer, and forget everything about blogging. A healthy diet also contributes to a healthy lifestyle, don't fill yourself with junkfood this will only make you fatter, and not a better blogger. Eat black chocolate in small portions, it's scientifically proven that it improves your little braincells and makes you feel happier, just read this.

3. Too long in front of your computer

Staying too long in front your computer in a wrong position could cause you a lot of problems like: back and neck problems, cramps, and you'll be amazed what problems a computer mouse could inflict to your hand, read this if you want to know more. I don't want to scare you, but I just want to remind you that too much blogging isn't healthy.

To end this post with a bit of humor:


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Social community sites are very important for every blogger. They can help you get traffic, and also help you to get in touch with fellow bloggers. In this post I'm going to talk you about MyLot. MyLot is a growing social community with 133,900 members, who are relatively active.

You could compare it with BlogCatalog, like Blogcatalog you can add new friends, start discussion, share your interests, ... One major difference is that you can get paid for contributing to the community by posting, commenting and starting new discussions. You can even get paid by referring new members to MyLot. However it takes a lot of effort and time to earn a decent amount of money. When you reach the minimum of 10$ you can get paid, but don't be fooled by members who say they earn 100$ a day, even if you post and comment on MyLot 24/7 you can't get that amount of money.

MyLot is not only good for earning something extra, but it could give you a lot of referrals to your site if you put your link in one of your discussions or comments.

This is a bit of an update for yesterdays post. So, yesterday I found some new Pay to click sites, and I signed up with all of them. Most of them only pay 0.01$, and I even found a PTC site, that was supposed to pay me 0.5$ per view, but I ended up with only 0.0015 in my account. Like I said before most of the PTC sites pay you for surfing sites and getting referrals. The payout is not much and you can only click a certain amount of ads each day (13-20 views). If you want to earn something from PTC sites, you'll be forced to register with more then one PTC site to maximize your 'income'.

For the people who want to try this. Here are some links: Great Quality Bux list


LinkMembersPer View $Time ViewPayout
Adbux873.7000.003$10 sec10$
Neobux120.3630.01$30 sec2$
Xclix100.4880.01$30 sec10$
foxcash72.988 0.015$30 sec10$
Earn343.7310.01$30 sec10$
Plusbux35.0430.015$30 sec10$
Pay2surf17.5490.13$20 sec40$

With Adbux & Earn3 you can earn extra money by surfing for offers.
This means that you get paid to register. These payments are arround 0.1$-2$.

I found this free program by coincidence, while I was surfing on BlogExplosion for credits. It's a free program that pays you to view ads. I had never heard of such a program, and the idea of getting paid to view ads was surreal to me. So, I read the TOS and signed up immediately, and started viewing these ads. works like this: every time you visit a website for 30 seconds you get paid 0.01$. If you can refer someone to you'll get 0.01$ for each website your referral visits. can pay you every day through Alertpay (You must register for an AlertPay account, or you can't get paid), but you have to have a minimum of 10$ in your account.

Here's an example from on how much you could earn per month:

Earnings Example
» You click 10 ads per day = $0.10
» 20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $2.00
» Your daily earnings = $2.10
» Your weekly earnings = $14.70
» Your monthly earnings = $63.00

It will not make your rich, but it's a fast, free and an easy way to earn money.

Adsense Vs. Bidvertiser

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Adsense Vs. Bidvertiser

I had been advised by the Webloglearner to try Bidvertiser on this blog, next to Adsense. So, I decided to check it out (I already had an account but didn't really get a chance to explore it). I already had some referral ads from Bidvertiser running on my blog, but I had never used the normal ads.


Bidvertiser is an ad network, that works with Payperclick and referrals. The Bidvertiser ads really look like a perfect copy of normal Adsense ads, but it doesn't have the popularity of Adsense. I've put some Bidvertiser ads on my blog, and I've got to say that Bidvertiser shows more relevant ads to my blog then Adsense. When signing up with Bidvertiser you can choose between Publisher and Advertiser. If you're a blogger, that wants to run ads, you should signup as Publisher. If you sign up as an Advertiser, you must pay a certain amount of money to get your ads displayed on other blogs. You only have to pay for the clicks you receive.

The big advantage with Bidvertiser is that you don't need to reach a 100$ like Adsense, but you can already get paid when you earn a minimum of 10$. They pay monthly by check or instantly through Paypal with a minimum of 10$. You can
choose which ads you want to use on your blog, or you can even use your own customized ones. Bidvertiser is one of the best alternatives for Adsense, and is maybe a little better.


Genrating quality free traffic is one of the most difficult things to do when you're a blogger. You could choose to pay for your traffic or you could generate free traffic without paying a dime. I read some good reviews about Blogexplosion. So, I decided to sign up immediately, and see if my traffic would go up. I'm still testing Blogexplosion, and I'm pretty amazed how easy it is to receive traffic.

Before you can get traffic you first need to 'work'(if you call surfing work) a little bit. Blogexplosion is based on a credit system. The main way for earning credits is to visit other blogs from Blogexplosion members. Like StumbleUpon you can choose the types of blogs you want to visit. When you start surfing with BlogExplosion you have to stay a minimum of 30 seconds on that blog, before you can earn any credits. After you've waited 30 seconds you can go own to the next blog by clicking on a number in the upper left corner. Fortunately, there is a less time consuming way to earn credits. Namely by referring other users to BlogExplosion, each time you refer someone you get up to 15% of that persons traffic for life. There's also a Blogdirectory which you can use to promote your blog.

You can add several different blogs to your Blogexplosion account to maximize your traffic. There's also a possibility to exchange credits between your own blogs. I think 1 assigned credit = 2 visitors, correct me if I'm wrong. You could also create your own banner, this banner will then be displayed 36(impressions) times for 1 credit (1= 36) on other blogs. I would like to add that Blogexplosion is not only good way for getting traffic, but it's also a large community of bloggers, where you can make friends or chat.

As you know I'm always searching for new methods to gain traffic on my blog. I was searching the internet, and I found some Free Advertsing Networks. You may, or may not have noticed those small widgets on the bottom of my page. So, I tried a lot of these free advertising networks. I can tell you most of them didn't bring in the visitors I expected.

But there was one exception called Adgridnetwork. It brought in a consistent amount of traffic compared to other free advertising networks. I was pretty satisfied with my increasing traffic. I threw all of the other free advertisement networks into the garbage can. Most of the free advertising networks had very amateuristic sites
compared to Adgrid. I experienced several problems like registering issues, navigation...

How do free advertisement networks work?

It's really simple and plain. First you add your site to their network, write a little review of your blog. So people can get an impression of your blog. After the registration you will be able to display targeted ads on your blog. These ads will contain URLs of other more or less related blogs. At the same time you will have your own ad displayed on several other sites. The ads, work like normal ads, but they don't generate money. The more clicks you have on your ad the more your ad will be displayed on other blogs.

To encourage our user's to take their advertising campaigns seriously (as opposed to just slapping the Ad Code on some hidden page where visitor's won't see it), we have established a Merit-Based Ranking System. The idea is simple: Sites that generate higher numbers of ad clicks will be displayed more on other sites.

Free Advertising

Comment Exchange

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The rules are very simple.

You write a comment about one of my posts at your choice. The comment need to be at least 4 lines and it must be relevant to the post. Once you did those things you leave your link in this commentbox to your site and I will write you a comment.

Ps: I'm always open for link exchange.


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To continue in the area of Pay Per Post services here's one you musn't miss. Smorty is one of the younger Pay per Post services on the net, but this doesn't mean it's that bad.

How does it work?

With Smorty you have the possibility to show PayperClick ads or to write your own posts. Not only can you earn with it, but you can get a lot of inbound links with the PostExchange service. You just have to write a post with a keyword link for another blogger and he will write one in return (at least that's the theory).

Blog Application Rules:
You must have a blog setup with written content in order to use Smorty’s service. Unfortunately we do not provide any hosting.

A Smorty administrator may approve or decline your account and/or blog post for any reason. It is the sole discretion of the administrator.

You can only apply for a blogger account with a root domain. e.g. you can not use , however you can use subdomains e.g.

A Smorty administrator may terminate your account at any time. It is the sole discretion of Smorty to do so.

Blogs that are not indexed, have little or no content, are banned from search engines or contain hate related and crude content may be rejected or put on Probation until corrected. Your blog must be older than 30 days and have at least 10 posts to apply.

We are aware that bloggers can buy a high page rank domain and start a new blog. It is against Smorty rules to use a new blog with a high page rank, the page rank must be obtained naturally. If your blog is caught, please be aware that you will be instantly banned and any pending earnings will be lost.

One of my favorite things with Pay per post services is that they have.. Yes, you guessed it! Referral links! As with normal referral links each time you reffer someone to Smorty you get a commission. But it's a little bit different like most pay per post service referrals.

What do I get?
You earn 5% commission of the total payments made to your referred blogger by Smorty. This is ongoing, so you will earn commission for the life of your referred blogger.

Yes, you've read it correctly you'll earn 5% commission on how much your referred blogger earns for life. So, it's not that bad at all. Get those referrals! :D
To conclude this post I would strongly recommend that you try it. It doesn't matter if your a noob or an expert blogger. If you have any experience with Smorty, I would like to hear your opinion.

If you want to give it a try here's the link:

Free Blogger Templates

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Attracting visitors from socialbookmark sites and other referring sites is one thing, but you need to convince your visitors to stay. As I mentioned before most of my visitors, just drop by without even reading or commenting my posts. Now think, what is the first thing a visitor sees when he enters you blog? Exactly, the homepage of your blog. Now every homepage has it's design, and it's plays a key factor in convincing your visitors to stay. You can find several default designs within, but you're not required to use them.

Free Templates on the internet

The internet is filled with free templates, and if you can use Google you can find some pretty good ones. It's really easy to insert them in your blog, just click on the layout tab of your blog and then click on Edit HTML. Here you can upload your template (you off course need to first download the free template from one of the sites, and then save them to a location on your computer, like your desktop.) Be sure to first back up your current template, this way you won't loose your blog if something goes wrong.

Translated in 3 little steps:

- First go to the Layout tab, and then click Edit HTML

- Backup your current template, so you won't risk losing anything when something goes wrong.

- Search the location where you saved your free template, and upload it

And voilĂ  you got yourself a new fresh template!

If you can't find any good templates try checking these sites:

Final Sense
Geck and Fly
The Style Contest

Join my daily Entrecard List

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To join you only need to leave a comment and drop me daily.
In return I will add you in my daily droplist and drop you each day I can.

I would be very happy if you would put my link in your blogroll or put this html code under your Entrecard widget.



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Today my blog got approved for Bloggerwave. Bloggerwave is somewhat similar to PayperPost, but it's a European ad program. As in PayperPost you get several opportunities each with a unique assignement. Bloggerwave approves your blog really fast and you can immediately start earning money. The first assignment you'll get will be one of Bloggerwave, in which you have to promote Blggerwave. They'll give you 10$ when you complete the job, so it's not really bad for a start. You have three types of posts namely Review, Buzz and Opinion.

Everything will be paid trough Paypal, and you can earn a minimum of 1$ per post. You can add up to 5 blogs, they will only be accepted if they're good quality blogs. The better the quality the more blogs you can add to your bloglist in Bloggerwave. Just accept your first assignement of Bloggerwave, and add the two links to your blog. It's definitely worth a try!


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It's a bit soon to write a summary about my blog, but why not? 'Make your blog popular' is almost two weeks old, and still making it's first steps into the Blogosphere. The first week was really satisfying seeing the first visitors coming in, and seeing that some of them were actually reading some of my articles! After my sign up with Entrecard I saw a Big Boum in visitors. Following the succesfull weekend there was a little drop, but nothing to worry about. My main visitors are coming from Entrecard, but the thing that's upsetting me is that most them don't even look at my blog or take the time to read some of my articles. 90% of my visitors who visit my site just come to 'drop my card'. Entrecard, Blogcatalog and the SitepointForums are in my opinion still the best traffic 'givers'. Now my blog is reaching a 'steady' 20 visitors a day.

Here's another interesting ad network, it's called WidgetBucks. Like most other ad networks they focuse on PPC (payperclick), CPM (cost per thousand Impressions) and there's even a refferal program. The PPC works when people from the US or Canada click on your widgets, if someone out of the US or Canada sees one of your CPM ads you will get paid. The sign-up is really basic, you have to fill in a form with all the needed information sitename, address, ...
Then your site will be reviewed, and accepted when they meet the Widgetbuck standards. They do this to keep their 'network quality high' so it could happen that your site won't be accepted.

Payments are sent by Paypal or by check. They'll pay you 45 days after the end of each month, but they will only pay you when you earned 50$. As I've mentioned before they pay you with PayPal or checks, you can choose one of them. They used to pay 20$ bucks for joining, but I don't think they do that anymore. So, now over to the referral program, when you reffer a user to WidgetBucks you'll get 5% referral fee for example if someone makes a 100$ bucks you'll get 50$. It's up to you if you want to use it or not. There's no limit on the number of Widgets so you can fill up your blog with as much widgets as you want (muahahahah). Then there's one little thing I want to talk you about concerning WidgetBucks, and that's the MerchSense algorithm engine. From what I've read it detects all of the content on your blog, and gives you more relevant products. You could compare it with the Adsense crawler.

PayperPost (PPP)

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PayPerPost is a website that gives bloggers the opportunity to write about the things they love, and getting paid for it. The main way of earning money with PayperPost is to put a widget on your blog, you write how much you want for writing an article for example 5$ or more. This way advertisers who like your articles, will ask you to write an article for them and you'll be paid 5$.

Besides writing articles, you can earn money in a lot of different ways using PayperPost. You could use their referral program. Each time you reffer a visitor to PayperPost you could earn 15$, when your referees first blog posting is reviewed, approved and then accepted 30 days later. You earn your 15$.

The chances that you could earn money with PayperPost are humongous!


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There's a good ad network that I want to talk you about.It's called Revresponse. Revresponse is an ad network that allows bloggers and web owners of any kind to offer free magazine subscriptions and all sorts of software trials. When one of your visitors signs up for one these subscriptions or programs, you'll get paid. It's really easy to set up, and it's amazing how fast it can earn you money.

It's almost guaranteed that you will earn 1.50$ for every subscription/request. So, the more subscriptions you sell the more money you will get paid. Like most affiliate ad networks they offer the normal types of ads, but RevResponse wants to make every inch of your website or blog profitable. They offer special blog post modules, that blend together with your content, or you could use one of their slick widgets to give your blog design a boost in revenue. The ads are really easy to set up, you just have to insert the Javascript or Flashcode.

This ad network is not only limited to the US, everyone in the world can participate with RevResponse. The payments are made by check or Paypal Mass Pay. So, it's easy to receive your money.

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eBay Prostores

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Yesterday, I was just surfing on the net when I saw this really interesting site called Prostores. The world is filled with potential entrepreneurs, and what better place is their to start your own store, then the internet.

There are a lot of e-commerce sites wandering around, in the large internet galaxy. But there is one site that sticks out: Prostores. This is basically a part of the eBay company, and enables small- and medium sized businesses to sell their products
on the web. Their product is based on StoreSense, an award-winning e-commerce software that was acquired by eBay from Kurant.

So, not everyone knows how to set up their own store on the internet. This is where Prostores kicks in. Prostores makes it very easy, they provide you with lots of information on how to set up you're store on your own domain.

Prostores is always searching for the best way, to keep you the merchant and everyone else who wants to become an online money maker, satisfied.

There's also a special offer for you eBay Sellers out there, who want to improve their business. They offer you a great solution on how to manage both your eBay-bussines and Off-Ebay business account from one central location.

Check it out!

ProStores 1 Month Free Trial

Google Analytics Explained

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Google Analytics is one of the best tools you can use to monitor your blog. The great thing about Google Analytics is that you can find out what the readers are really searching on your site. You can use this information to optimize your blog, and give the reader what their searching for.

I could go on for hours about Google Analytics, I just has to many options! So, I've just wrote something simple that explains some crucial features that are available on Google Analytics.

1. The Dashboard

This is the first page you encounter when opening Google Analytics. It's pretty basic and simple. First you see the graph that gives you information about the evolution of traffic that's coming in. You can choose to set it on a long period of time, or you can set it on a specific day.

I'm just going to explain what the key words mean, but they are really self explanatory:

- Visits: This just indicates how much people have visited your site during a specific period of time.

- Pageviews or page impression: This is how much requests that have been made to view your site.

- Pageviews/Visit: The average pageview of one visitor.

- The Bounce Rate:

A bounce occurs when a website visitor leaves a page or a site without visiting any other pages before a specified session-timeout occurs.

So what this really means is that the visitor of your blog just weren't interested in your blog.

- Avg Time on site: Basically, it's the that time a visitors spend on your blog.

- New Visits: Percentage of new visitors that visited your site.

2. The Visitors

In this section you've got a whole bunch of really interesting comparisons. You can view the loyalty of your readers, the length of their visit and much, much more. When you're a your visitors loyalty you can if you're already growing a fanbase or not.

3. Traffic Sources

One of the most important aspects in Google Analytics is certainly your traffic sources. You can look at your Top Traffic Sources, these are the sources where you get the most traffic from. Examine them and be sure not to loose them!

the three most important traffic sources are

- Direct Traffic: This is maybe one of the best traffic sources you can have. Direct traffic means that someone went directly to your blog, without clicking on any link or typing something in a search engine. If you got this kind of traffic sources, then you're really going well with your blog. The visitors really like you're content, and go directly to your blog. Isn't that the best thing you can have as a blogger?

- Referring Sites: This will be the main source of your visitors. Referring sites are sites that refer to you, I couldn't explain it better. :D
It basically generates visitors that come from other sites like StumbleUpon, Blogger, BlogCatalog ...

- Last but not least, Search Engines: These are maybe the most trickiest to get. the Search Engine link gives you a view on how many people have visited your site through search engines like Google, Yahoo, ....

You can always click on the different elements to get more information.

4. Content

This option shows again the number of pageviews, unique views and bounce rate which I talked about previously. This could really be the key on understanding your visitors.
What is better then to know what you're visitors are clicking on. With this kind valuable information you could adjust your blog, to optimize and attract more visitors.

5. In conclusion

Google Analytics is 'the' best website/blog analyzer that's available on the web, and a must have for every webmaster or blogger. If you haven't tried it, go check it out here.


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I just discovered this amazing site/community it's called Entrecard.
It gives you the possibility to advertise for free on other blogs/websites.
This is a great opportunity to begin advertising your new or existing blog.
If you are good this, it will boost your traffic, and ranking in Alexa.. in no time and it's totally free. Are you ready to give this a try?
If yes, then read more.

Before we can start we need to register. Here is the Link
Once registered you need to do some things first.

1.Make a beautiful banner (Click on the button Dashboard, and scroll below)
this banner will be seen on all the websites or blogs you advertise on. How
nicer your banner is, the more clicks it will get.

2.Introduce yourself at the forum and be nice. A good first impression is important.

3.Insert the Entrecard widget code on your blog or website. The code can be found on the Entrecard website, by clicking on he button 'Get Code'.
With this widget, people can start advertising on your website or blog.

More tips..

Now how do you earn EC credits?

1.Drop your card into somebodies box by visiting blogs or websites, that have the Entrecard widget. Then click on 'Drop'. You've just earned your first 1 EC.
You can also receive EC's when people click on your Entrecard widget. You can drop a maximum of 300 cards a day, but this is not recommended by the Entrecard Team.

2.Accept an advertiser
In the beginning it's a bit difficult, but if you're a little bit patienced, you could get a lot of traffic out of it. You can accept advertisers on your 'Dashboard' page.

3. Go to the campaign button. Here you can advertise your banner on somebody else his website or blog for a predefined price, that is based on the popularity of the page. If you have a lot of credits you can advertise on very popular sites. Choose to advertise on websites that are related to your category, and
that have a good rank. Keep in mind that you need to wait on the response of the owner, when you buy advertising space. You can also go to the shop. There you can buy back links, and other kinds of advertisements.

4.Search on Google for little Entrecard communities. In these communities you will find a lot of people who want to drop their card into your box, and vice versa. Look at the right corner of my page, do you see the image "U DROP I Follow" click on it, and join the list, this will help you get started.

5.Look for posts about events and promotions on the forum. There you'll find people that give you EC credits if you review their blog or website, or make special posts about a specified subject.

The cons of using Entrecard

Sometimes people will only visit your site to just drop there card and earn 1EC, without even looking at your content. This will make your traffic unstable on a daily bases. Call it a drive-by dropper. Another con is that Entrecard is really time consuming, but you decide how much time you dedicate to it.

Do you need to drop 300 cards a day?

No, you don't need to do that. Just go to the blogs or websites that you're interested in and drop a card, if you want to. I think you have better things to do then visit 300 sites day...
If people find your site or blog interesting they will come back and drop there card again.
Conclusion you can earn credits without doing anything if you have a good blog or website.

PS: You could also buy EC for real money and sell it.

Video Advertising and Monetization

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Adsense have introduced a new type of advertising called 'Video advertising'. I don't know if I'm going to use it myself but it seems pretty interesting. Here's the video from Google introducing this new advertising technique. See the full explanation on the Adsense blog


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Well there are a lot of ad serving programs on the internet that you can use on your site or blog. The most famous of all these is Adsense. Adsense is an ad serving program created and administrated by Google. Almost every webmaster or blogger can
join Adsense. With Adsense you can generate revenue trough text, image and video advertisements.

It's easy to use and it has a friendly userinterface. The only thing you have to do is add a simple Javascript code to your web page, and relevant ads will appear on your site/blog. Once you've added the code to your page you can start earning money.

Tips and tricks for using Adsense

1.Position your ads in the right places

The places where you put your ads are extremely crucial for getting clicks.
You need to blend the ads with the lay-out of your page. People must see them as a part of your page, and not just as an 'another' ad. This way you'll have a lot more clicks, and hence a lot more money. Be sure to not exagerate with placing ads on your site. If you place too much ads, people will find you site/blog to 'busy' which will result in a loss of traffic.

Here's an image provided by Google 'the heatmap' that tells you where to place your ads. As you can see there's a big chance on getting clicks when placing your ads close to the primary content and in the sidebars.

2.Having the right keywords

Adsense ads are almost always relevant, but there are exceptions. Sometimes Adsense generates totally unrelated ads on your site/blog. This will result in a lowering of your clicks.

The thing you need to do is to make sure that some words in your content are bold or just bigger (a bit of SEO ;d),
this way adsense will generate more relevant advertisements.

3.Clicks with no money

I had this problem in the beginning, and I discovered that there are some special ads (Public Service Ads)that don't generate any money if someone clicks on it. The main reason is that Adsense couldn't find any suitable ads for your page.


1.Don't place to many ad blocks (Max 3) (TOS rules of Google only allow 3)

2.Adjust your meta tags, headers with keywords related to your page.

3.Keywords in your content are important too. (adsense crawlers will better understand your page content, and will give you more relevant ads)

4. There's also a little tool in Google Adsense that allows you to block some the public service ads, but you can only block a limited quantity of URL's.

4. TOS for Google Adsense

The things you really shouldn't do when using Adsense on your page:

1. Clicking your own ads.
2. Asking your friends to click on your ads, Google will see this and almost immediately ban your account.
3. Placing ads on pages that contain adult material, drugs, ... related content.

The full TOS of Google Adsense can be found here.

'The Internet Revolution'

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Here's a video from some time back. That explains you the the basic understanding of E-commerce and earning money online.
It's a bit of 'propagandic' video if you ask me.
Take a look at it and feel free to comment it.

Google Images

If you want to have traffic by using images just follow the simple steps:
First I'm going to talk about how to get your image indexed.
So you first need an image that corresponds with your blog.
Stop! Before you upload your image you first need to change the name of your image file.
Think about the name of this file. The name needs to be competitive and needs to correspond to your post!
This way Google will index your image correctly (could take some time though) but beware Google will always index

your image but it's just better to give your image file a name that has something to do with your blog then just for

example: 'imagefile name dog789.jpg.'

Is this all ?

You could always change the properties of your picture, to give google more information about your picture.
Click on edit Html to see the code.

1. Size property (width and height property) keep it big and not to small, visitors love high quality pictures.
2. Alt property gives the image an extra description, and gives extra information to google to know more about the

image (this is the name that will appear in the google image results).
3. Give your image a title property.

Here you can see an example of some code:

... src=”” title="Make your blog popular" width=273 height=267

alt=”tips and tricks to make your blog popular!”>

Is this all?
Yes ;D and enjoy your traffic.

Time Based Posting

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Time Based Posting

In this post I'm going to talk about the effects of posting your posts on specific times. What I've noticed on my Google Analytics graph is that time plays an important role on my daily visitors count.

I always get a lot of visitors on the weekends. I'm not telling you anything new, everyone or almost everyone, knows that he/she has to post his/her articles at the beginning or during the weekends. But what to do during the rest of the week? Then you're thinking: should I post or not? In my opinion, a blogger should post every day. This keeps your content fresh and attracts a lot of new unique visitors, or visitors that are returning to check out your new posts.

My last advise is to post in the evening. In the evening everyone comes home from work or school and wants to check out the latest posts on your blog.

Content Is King!

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Content is King

The key to getting good traffic to your blog is to write 'good' content, because you all know that in the blogging world 'Content Is King'. Without the good content, people won't turn back to your blog. You can have a well designed blog but this doesn't guarantee you having a lot of traffic, but I must admit design has also an effect on your blog.

1. The key is to be unique

As I said in previous posts, one of your biggest concerns is to write unique content. It has to be unique, because your blog must be the only place where people can find answers on their questions.

'The' tip is when you're starting to blog, is to write about something you're passionate about or something you're interested in. Be unique!

2. Answer the question!

To attract readers, you have to answer the questions of the readers. Write about what you think the readers don't know yet. Just look around on the internet there are millions of people who are asking questions and want to find an answer on those questions. So answer them with your blog.

3. Be yourself

The make your blog unique, you just have to be yourself. When you're writing an article or a post, write them like your talking to somebody, keep the reader entertained. Don't fill your articles with all the technical stuff, this
will only confuse the readers. Try to keep your post/article as simple as possible.

How To add an RSS Feed on Blogger

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RSS FEEDS (Really Simple Syndication)

RSS feed is a very interesting thing and it's almost a must have on any site or blog!
RSS gives your visitors the latest news about your blog and its posts.
This way visitors can get a quick view of the content of each blog/site and if they find something interesting they can simply click on the link and read the post on your blog. In conclusion it's usefull for your visitors and easy to use! You want one yourself ?

Here's a mini tutorial:

1- To add an RSS Feed you need to log into your account, obviously.
On the Dashboard page you see all the blog(s) you've created. On this page you need to select the blog on which you want to add RSS.

2- When you're on the customize page of your blog, you need to go to the Lay-out Tab. Here you can see all your different Page Elements. Click on 'Add Page Element'. Now you have a list of all the different things you can add. Click on the 'Add to blog' underneath the Feed element. This opens a Configure Screen.

3- Now to get the RSS link URl you need to click on the orange icon that's next to your blog address. Clicking on this will open a new window with the Feed url. Select the link and copy it.

4- Paste the RSS link in the 'Feed URL' box of the Blogger 'Feed' congfiguration screen. Then click on continue.

5- Save your changes and customize your feed by selecting your preferences. When you're satisfied just on click 'Save Changes'. (note. You can always change the position of your feed by dragging and dropping it somewhere else in the 'Lay-out' page.)

6- If you want to display a little orange icon on your blog, you just have to sign in with for example Feedburner. Follow the step by step installing guide. And you'll have an RSS Feed on your blog!

A very handy video

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This video gives you a view of some very handy tools
to search good paying keywords, analytics...
It's explained in an very understandable way.
This will help your search in finding good paying
keywords. There is also an explanation about analytics
on how to track your visitors.

SEO & Choosing Your Subject

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The subject of your blog and SEO.

Many people ask themselfs wich subject they should write about.
I know that it's a very hard choice. Think good about your subject and take all the time that's needed time, because your subject is the key of your blog. It will lead you to succes or to the opposite of that. Remember content is king! So now you need to do some research, try to look for keywords or "niches" that you are interested in. These will make you a good profit in time. On the web there are a lot of sites with keyword lists choose one of them if you really don't have any inspiration. Take your time nobody is pushing you. Once you found your subject that you want to write about, begin collecting information about it. And make sure that the keywords are present in all the titles of your post and in the title name of your blog. This is important or you will get problems with getting good traffic to your blog! Once you did that you need to write a post, and in that post you need to mark the important words and maybe even link some words to other sites for more information. Marking words is necessary it will give the viewer a good idea of the structure of your article, and it will help crawlers index your page more easily. Be aware of using flash because sometimes crawlers have a hard time indexing them.


Now, lets talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
The goal of SEO is to try and give your site a good position in the search engines and give you quality targeted readers that read your content and are interested in it. To reach this goal you need to have:

1.A blogname with some relevances to your subject not always possible but think hard.
2.Marking important words in your content (body ,title). The format is also important!
3.Backlinks (Links form other pages to your page) this gives you a higer pagerank.

Give comments on other related websites or blogs and leave your URL. Make sure you add your URL somewhere ... (socialbookmarks, link exchange for example, this is all explained in the previous posts.)
You can place your link anywhere, but just make sure you place it on sites that are RELATED so don't go posting your URL in a topics where the subject is "dogs". If
your blog goes about marketing. You need to attract people who are interested in marketing.

Some Info:
Primary keywords: are keywords in the title or head of your text.
Secondary keywords: are keywords in the body of your post.
Other keywords, like keywords in the anchor of a link tag are a bit more imporantt then plain text.

These are the main steps to make it easy for search engines to crawl your site and give your site/blog relevant keywords to attract the right audience.

Social Bookmarking

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Social Bookmarking is a good technique to promote your blog or site. It adds your link with a short description that you wrote, in their database. This way other users will notice your link when searching. Make sure you add some tags, this will help users to find your link much faster. But I should advice you, to not totally rely on social bookmarking. You should diversify your linking efforts and please don't SPAM these sites! Here are some good social bookmarking sites:

Ping Blog

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A new way to get your blog noticed!
Ping Blog this is a technique that notifies other servers that your content has been updated. This happens every time you make a post or edit one.
But some server owners do not share there ping data because of the competition.
So we bloggers need to do this ourself.
Now easy explained how more servers we notify how more traffic we get!
Here is a little list of free Blog pingers.


Ping once in a while an you will get noticed ;d
There are also add-ons that could help you with the pinging.

Organic Traffic

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Good video that teaches about organic traffic. It's explains how you can get more traffic to your blog or site. The video is not to difficult to understand, everything is explained in an easy and short way. Hope you like it!

Open Directory

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I would advise you to add the URL of your Blog or Site to several Open Directories. An open directory specializes in linking your page to other content related blogs or sites and catogorizes those links. Here I've made a list of several free open directories that I've used.


There are many more free open directorie. I know it takes a lot of time to add your URL to the directories. But it's really worth it.

There are two main ways to make your blog popular.
You have the good way and you have the bad way. The bad way is like spamming
your link everywhere, on youtube for example or mailing your link to everybody but
thats not the right way. We need to follow the nice way, the way to succes and not the way to get banned. A good way is to make your blog popular is participate in a link exchange program. You then give your link and exchange it with someone else.
This way you will get a higher score in PageRank. Doesn't seem so hard, right?

Then there's another way that will give you a lot of popularity:
it helps when you post a comment on related blog and put your link beneath it, this way Google and other search engines will index you much faster. (I will make a list of good link exchange sites at the bottom of my blog). Be sure to add your Blog URL to the different search engines like Google, Yahoo, ... don't forget google Blog search and adding your blog to different open directories they could give your blog a big boost in traffic.

Content and Content

Make sure that your content is unique, don't go copying and pasting!
Add pictures or videos to give your articles a nice look, and make sure that it is unique and helps people solving there problems.
So don't post wrong information it will only give you a bad name.
There are exceptions, for example if you can't write or you just don't have the
time to write your own articles you could still look at free articles on the web
or even hire writers to write for you. Be aware there are some articles with copyrights so before you go copying and pasting somebodies article make sure you have his or her permission to publish the article on your blog.

Breaking news who doesn't like that?

There's also a tricky way but if you're lucky everything is possible. :D
For this you need a good source of information. What I mean is, make some contacts on the web that can give you valuable information. It takes time to find the right contacts, but keep on pushing trough.

Bad publicity?

Actually bad publicity doesn't exists because it's not killing you right?
There are many people who use this kind of publicity to get noticed and become
popular, but you need to have the guts to do this and you need be ready for the consequences of your actions.


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I guess that you are looking to earn some money right?
Then you are at the wrong place, just kidding. ;d
You can earn lots of money with blogging. If you know the tips and tricks of blogging you could make a lot of money.

If you don't think you can blog, you can always try. It never hurts to try, even if you earn 1$ a day it helps! Each day you spend on blogging, the more you will get experienced in it and learn from your mistakes.
Each day you will gain experience and maybe a little bit of money if you are patient.
Some days you will earn a lot and some days will be tragical. My advice is never give up or die trying. Good luck!