Did it ever happen to you, that some person kept calling you with same phone number? This happened to me on several occasions, most of them were telemarketers or some kids trying a stupid prank.

Now, there's an interesting site called WhoCalledMyPhone. It's the first time I encounter this type of site. Basically, it's a site with a lot of phone numbers, you can search through their user-submitted reports an can find information on that annoying phone number. This way you can find and share information about phone numbers used by debt collectors and other intrusive callers.

The site can come in pretty handy, if you've got a lot of intrusive phone calls. It's really worth a look! Here's the site again: WhoCalledMyPhone

It's been a very, very long time since last posted on this blog, the main reason for this is because I'm trying new money making techniques that do need some time. I haven't had a lot of succes using these techniques, but I'm still trying -Rome wasn't built in one day you know....

BUT I've made some smal cash from PTC sites, that I had mentioned before. I just wanted to test them out and see if they were really paying. And after a couple of weeks of clicking I earned my first few dollars....

Here are the reports:

Neobux: $2
This is one of the most reliable PTC's I've encountered and I've read a lot of good comments and YES they pay. (already been paid $2)

I'm going to try and post some screenshots later on...

YouCubez, Click Yourself to the Money

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Youcubez is a site that I found some time ago, but I really didn't use it. These few couple of days I was searching the net, and read that the earned some good money using YouCubez. So, I decided to give it a try. At first sight it seems a bit of a strange site with a lot of Cubez, and it seems rather complicated if you ask me. From what I've understood is that you can advertise on it YouCubez by buying a Cube of your own for £ 1.00 a year.

This is what you can read in the FAQ for the advertisers:


  • As a member you may purchase a backlink in the form of a cube from just £1.00 for 1 year - less than 9p/month.
  • Cubez are arranged on the pages in order of value (There are many ways to increase the value of your cube). The higher the position of your cube, the more clicks it is likely to attract.
  • You may purchase guaranteed clicks for your cube (like traditional PTC sites) - from just 50p.
  • Unlike traditional "pay to" sites, your link will remain online even after your clicks have ended
The main reason I'm checking Youcubez is, because I want to know how you can make money out of it. It looks alot like a PTC site, by clicking a certain amount of cubez each day you earn something like £0.008 ($0.016) which is a bit higher then the normal PTC sites I'm used to. There's also a referral option that will make you £0.004 ($0.008) for every click your referrals make (you can make more depending on your referral).

  • Earn up to £0.008 ($0.016) for clicking PTC cubes.
  • Earn up to £0.004 ($0.008) for your referrals clicking PTC cubes.
  • Earn up to 20% commission on items purchased by your Level 1 Referred Members.
  • Earn up to 10% commission on items purchased by your Level 2 Referred Members.
  • Earn additional money completing offers.
  • Low minimum and daily payouts.
  • Buying and Selling Cubes has become an intricate part of You-Cubez.com. By purchasing a cube from £1.00, you may increase it's value (for FREE) and then sell it to another member for REAL money - no minimum payout on cubes sold.
There's also a third way you can earn money with YouCubez, which is: selling your purchased cubez to other people. To conclude, I don't think you can make a living out of YouCubez. See it as a bit of pocket money.

You may have noticed that I wasn't online this past month, the reason was simply because I was on vacation. I wanted to put up a post the day before I left, but my internet fell out. So no post.. but now that I'm back I will try to post as often as possible. One month without the internet is alot, and I still need to get used to it.

There was one good thing that happened during my absence: I got paid by PayPerPost! I'm really satisfied that I finally earned some money with this blog, and I wasn't even that hard.

PayPerPost: $35! (1 post+ 1 referral)
Bux.to: $ 1.48 (to check all the bux sites visit my other blog)
MyLot: $ 0.41

Where Should Invest My Money?

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I think there are many people who are asking themselves the same question. Isn't it stupid now that you have some money, you don't where to invest it. Why am I doubting? Well, there are too many options, where I can invest the money I earn. I've made a little list of potential areas where I could invest.

Here they are:

1. Publicity

So, in my opinion this should be considered very important for any blogger. I'm thinking of investing my money to buy some Entrecard credits, with those credits I could buy traffic or comments, and advertise on more expensive sites or blogs. There also maybe a small possibility that I could buy some strong backlinks from sites with a high PR. These could bring a lot of good quality traffic, and increase my Pagerank. I could buy a 1000 pageviews from PTC sites, but I don't know if this is a good idea. And last but not least I could invest money in PayPerClick sites like Adsense or Bidvertiser, but I think you need a really fat budget to do this. Remember, there's always a risk when you want to invest in publicity, it could turn out in a total disaster or it could play in your favour.

2. Domains

I don't know much about domains, but I'm thinking of buying some good domains as an investment. I want to see if I could bring in more traffic with my own domain instead of using a free blog platform, it's not that I'm not happy with my Blogger blog, but I want to see if it would be easier to bring in traffic. I also think, I will have more freedom when I have my own domain.

If you have some other ideas, I would be glad to hear them.

OR you could just use the money to buy yourself gift, or walk in your favourite pub, and buy a round. :D

get paid to blog with PayPerPost! My blog has been approved by PayperPost! The first time I applied I was rejected, because my blog didn't met up with the requirements ( 30 days old, with a minimum of 30 posts). I signed up with PayPerPost, because I read a lot of positive comments about PayPerPost on several trustworthy blogs. I think that PayPerPost is the best way to monetize your blog if your blog is still young.

One of the main reasons I joined PayPerPost is to earn money, with PayPerPost you can earn from 5$-100$ by just writing a good review. You get paid 30 days after your post is accepted, and all payments are made with PayPal, so be sure to have an account ready. Second reason why I joined PayPerPost was because they have a good referral program, each time you refer someone you get paid 15$, after your referral makes his first post.

Now, what am I going to do with the money I earn with PayPerPost? Well, I'm still considering several options, but I think I will reinvest a part of it into my blog, maybe make some publicity. I'll put the rest of the money on my bank account, hoping I can one day buy myself a new computer, because the one I'm using is a bit prehistoric (in computer terms).

I've been using Commission Junction for quite a while now, but haven't had any success yet, mainly because I've stopped putting them on my blog. For those of you, who haven't heard of Commission Junction, I'll give a little explanation.

Commission Junction is the must-have website for every blogger or webmaster who's interested in joining the affiliate market. Commission Junction has a wide range of affiliates programs stored in their database, and it's really easy to use, if you want to find an affiliate program that matches your niche, you only have to click on 'get links', and type in your niche in the search bar. After you've pressed enter, you'll find a list with a whole bunch of affiliate programs, most of them related to your niche. When you've found the affiliate program that you want, just click on the little square beside it, and then click 'Apply To Program'. Sometimes it will take a while before you get accepted, but most of the affiliate programs will accept you immediately. Once you've been accepted, you can place the different Banners or Text Links on your blog.

There are three ways, that you can earn money with Commission Junction:

1. Sale

This one pretty self-explanatory, if you sell one of the products that you're promoting, you'll get a commission on that product. Sales give you the largest commission, if you can sell a lot of products, you can expect a large amount of money (Depending on the niche of course). The highest paying affiliates are the web hosting sites, if you can sell one of their products you could earn a serious amount of money lets say from 50$ to 150$ per sale.

2. Lead

If one of your visitors signs up with the site your promoting, but doesn't buy anything, you'll get commission, because you gave them a 'Lead'.

3. Impression

Every time your ad gets viewed a 1000 times, you'll get a little commission, just like Adsense.

4. PayperClick

I've noticed some of the affiliate programs using PayperClick, but there aren't a lot of them out there. I think they paid 0.1 per click, but I could be mistaken.

To conclude, Commssion Junction is in my opinion a really good program to make the first steps in the affiliate marketing world.