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Social community sites are very important for every blogger. They can help you get traffic, and also help you to get in touch with fellow bloggers. In this post I'm going to talk you about MyLot. MyLot is a growing social community with 133,900 members, who are relatively active.

You could compare it with BlogCatalog, like Blogcatalog you can add new friends, start discussion, share your interests, ... One major difference is that you can get paid for contributing to the community by posting, commenting and starting new discussions. You can even get paid by referring new members to MyLot. However it takes a lot of effort and time to earn a decent amount of money. When you reach the minimum of 10$ you can get paid, but don't be fooled by members who say they earn 100$ a day, even if you post and comment on MyLot 24/7 you can't get that amount of money.

MyLot is not only good for earning something extra, but it could give you a lot of referrals to your site if you put your link in one of your discussions or comments.


  1. richie // June 25, 2008 at 12:06 PM  

    Hi, I am also in myLot. I guess it really helps bring traffic to a blog, especially for budding bloggers like me. I am really thinking of making extra money on myLot before I thought of it as a traffic driver. I know some members who can earn $2.00 a day, which totals over $50 a month. She had told me how she do it, and I think it is really possible. I will be posting those tips in my blog later. My blog is about really earning money from mylot, by the way.

  2. SoccerFire // June 25, 2008 at 12:15 PM  

    Thanks for commenting, and I've got to say that you have some good tips. Keep it up!