This is a bit of an update for yesterdays post. So, yesterday I found some new Pay to click sites, and I signed up with all of them. Most of them only pay 0.01$, and I even found a PTC site, that was supposed to pay me 0.5$ per view, but I ended up with only 0.0015 in my account. Like I said before most of the PTC sites pay you for surfing sites and getting referrals. The payout is not much and you can only click a certain amount of ads each day (13-20 views). If you want to earn something from PTC sites, you'll be forced to register with more then one PTC site to maximize your 'income'.

For the people who want to try this. Here are some links: Great Quality Bux list


LinkMembersPer View $Time ViewPayout
Adbux873.7000.003$10 sec10$
Neobux120.3630.01$30 sec2$
Xclix100.4880.01$30 sec10$
foxcash72.988 0.015$30 sec10$
Earn343.7310.01$30 sec10$
Plusbux35.0430.015$30 sec10$
Pay2surf17.5490.13$20 sec40$

With Adbux & Earn3 you can earn extra money by surfing for offers.
This means that you get paid to register. These payments are arround 0.1$-2$.