How To add an RSS Feed on Blogger

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RSS FEEDS (Really Simple Syndication)

RSS feed is a very interesting thing and it's almost a must have on any site or blog!
RSS gives your visitors the latest news about your blog and its posts.
This way visitors can get a quick view of the content of each blog/site and if they find something interesting they can simply click on the link and read the post on your blog. In conclusion it's usefull for your visitors and easy to use! You want one yourself ?

Here's a mini tutorial:

1- To add an RSS Feed you need to log into your account, obviously.
On the Dashboard page you see all the blog(s) you've created. On this page you need to select the blog on which you want to add RSS.

2- When you're on the customize page of your blog, you need to go to the Lay-out Tab. Here you can see all your different Page Elements. Click on 'Add Page Element'. Now you have a list of all the different things you can add. Click on the 'Add to blog' underneath the Feed element. This opens a Configure Screen.

3- Now to get the RSS link URl you need to click on the orange icon that's next to your blog address. Clicking on this will open a new window with the Feed url. Select the link and copy it.

4- Paste the RSS link in the 'Feed URL' box of the Blogger 'Feed' congfiguration screen. Then click on continue.

5- Save your changes and customize your feed by selecting your preferences. When you're satisfied just on click 'Save Changes'. (note. You can always change the position of your feed by dragging and dropping it somewhere else in the 'Lay-out' page.)

6- If you want to display a little orange icon on your blog, you just have to sign in with for example Feedburner. Follow the step by step installing guide. And you'll have an RSS Feed on your blog!


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