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Well there are a lot of ad serving programs on the internet that you can use on your site or blog. The most famous of all these is Adsense. Adsense is an ad serving program created and administrated by Google. Almost every webmaster or blogger can
join Adsense. With Adsense you can generate revenue trough text, image and video advertisements.

It's easy to use and it has a friendly userinterface. The only thing you have to do is add a simple Javascript code to your web page, and relevant ads will appear on your site/blog. Once you've added the code to your page you can start earning money.

Tips and tricks for using Adsense

1.Position your ads in the right places

The places where you put your ads are extremely crucial for getting clicks.
You need to blend the ads with the lay-out of your page. People must see them as a part of your page, and not just as an 'another' ad. This way you'll have a lot more clicks, and hence a lot more money. Be sure to not exagerate with placing ads on your site. If you place too much ads, people will find you site/blog to 'busy' which will result in a loss of traffic.

Here's an image provided by Google 'the heatmap' that tells you where to place your ads. As you can see there's a big chance on getting clicks when placing your ads close to the primary content and in the sidebars.

2.Having the right keywords

Adsense ads are almost always relevant, but there are exceptions. Sometimes Adsense generates totally unrelated ads on your site/blog. This will result in a lowering of your clicks.

The thing you need to do is to make sure that some words in your content are bold or just bigger (a bit of SEO ;d),
this way adsense will generate more relevant advertisements.

3.Clicks with no money

I had this problem in the beginning, and I discovered that there are some special ads (Public Service Ads)that don't generate any money if someone clicks on it. The main reason is that Adsense couldn't find any suitable ads for your page.


1.Don't place to many ad blocks (Max 3) (TOS rules of Google only allow 3)

2.Adjust your meta tags, headers with keywords related to your page.

3.Keywords in your content are important too. (adsense crawlers will better understand your page content, and will give you more relevant ads)

4. There's also a little tool in Google Adsense that allows you to block some the public service ads, but you can only block a limited quantity of URL's.

4. TOS for Google Adsense

The things you really shouldn't do when using Adsense on your page:

1. Clicking your own ads.
2. Asking your friends to click on your ads, Google will see this and almost immediately ban your account.
3. Placing ads on pages that contain adult material, drugs, ... related content.

The full TOS of Google Adsense can be found here.