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Today my blog got approved for Bloggerwave. Bloggerwave is somewhat similar to PayperPost, but it's a European ad program. As in PayperPost you get several opportunities each with a unique assignement. Bloggerwave approves your blog really fast and you can immediately start earning money. The first assignment you'll get will be one of Bloggerwave, in which you have to promote Blggerwave. They'll give you 10$ when you complete the job, so it's not really bad for a start. You have three types of posts namely Review, Buzz and Opinion.

Everything will be paid trough Paypal, and you can earn a minimum of 1$ per post. You can add up to 5 blogs, they will only be accepted if they're good quality blogs. The better the quality the more blogs you can add to your bloglist in Bloggerwave. Just accept your first assignement of Bloggerwave, and add the two links to your blog. It's definitely worth a try!