Google Images

If you want to have traffic by using images just follow the simple steps:
First I'm going to talk about how to get your image indexed.
So you first need an image that corresponds with your blog.
Stop! Before you upload your image you first need to change the name of your image file.
Think about the name of this file. The name needs to be competitive and needs to correspond to your post!
This way Google will index your image correctly (could take some time though) but beware Google will always index

your image but it's just better to give your image file a name that has something to do with your blog then just for

example: 'imagefile name dog789.jpg.'

Is this all ?

You could always change the properties of your picture, to give google more information about your picture.
Click on edit Html to see the code.

1. Size property (width and height property) keep it big and not to small, visitors love high quality pictures.
2. Alt property gives the image an extra description, and gives extra information to google to know more about the

image (this is the name that will appear in the google image results).
3. Give your image a title property.

Here you can see an example of some code:

... src=”” title="Make your blog popular" width=273 height=267

alt=”tips and tricks to make your blog popular!”>

Is this all?
Yes ;D and enjoy your traffic.