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I just discovered this amazing site/community it's called Entrecard.
It gives you the possibility to advertise for free on other blogs/websites.
This is a great opportunity to begin advertising your new or existing blog.
If you are good this, it will boost your traffic, and ranking in Alexa.. in no time and it's totally free. Are you ready to give this a try?
If yes, then read more.

Before we can start we need to register. Here is the Link
Once registered you need to do some things first.

1.Make a beautiful banner (Click on the button Dashboard, and scroll below)
this banner will be seen on all the websites or blogs you advertise on. How
nicer your banner is, the more clicks it will get.

2.Introduce yourself at the forum and be nice. A good first impression is important.

3.Insert the Entrecard widget code on your blog or website. The code can be found on the Entrecard website, by clicking on he button 'Get Code'.
With this widget, people can start advertising on your website or blog.

More tips..

Now how do you earn EC credits?

1.Drop your card into somebodies box by visiting blogs or websites, that have the Entrecard widget. Then click on 'Drop'. You've just earned your first 1 EC.
You can also receive EC's when people click on your Entrecard widget. You can drop a maximum of 300 cards a day, but this is not recommended by the Entrecard Team.

2.Accept an advertiser
In the beginning it's a bit difficult, but if you're a little bit patienced, you could get a lot of traffic out of it. You can accept advertisers on your 'Dashboard' page.

3. Go to the campaign button. Here you can advertise your banner on somebody else his website or blog for a predefined price, that is based on the popularity of the page. If you have a lot of credits you can advertise on very popular sites. Choose to advertise on websites that are related to your category, and
that have a good rank. Keep in mind that you need to wait on the response of the owner, when you buy advertising space. You can also go to the shop. There you can buy back links, and other kinds of advertisements.

4.Search on Google for little Entrecard communities. In these communities you will find a lot of people who want to drop their card into your box, and vice versa. Look at the right corner of my page, do you see the image "U DROP I Follow" click on it, and join the list, this will help you get started.

5.Look for posts about events and promotions on the forum. There you'll find people that give you EC credits if you review their blog or website, or make special posts about a specified subject.

The cons of using Entrecard

Sometimes people will only visit your site to just drop there card and earn 1EC, without even looking at your content. This will make your traffic unstable on a daily bases. Call it a drive-by dropper. Another con is that Entrecard is really time consuming, but you decide how much time you dedicate to it.

Do you need to drop 300 cards a day?

No, you don't need to do that. Just go to the blogs or websites that you're interested in and drop a card, if you want to. I think you have better things to do then visit 300 sites day...
If people find your site or blog interesting they will come back and drop there card again.
Conclusion you can earn credits without doing anything if you have a good blog or website.

PS: You could also buy EC for real money and sell it.


  1. Isles Tech // June 3, 2008 at 3:16 PM  

    You can't drop your card and not see the content. The question is, would the content capture enough interest so that the dropper will stay and read on?

    For me I do read through some entries, but of course, not all of the 300 blogs I drop on everyday.