SEO & Choosing Your Subject

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The subject of your blog and SEO.

Many people ask themselfs wich subject they should write about.
I know that it's a very hard choice. Think good about your subject and take all the time that's needed time, because your subject is the key of your blog. It will lead you to succes or to the opposite of that. Remember content is king! So now you need to do some research, try to look for keywords or "niches" that you are interested in. These will make you a good profit in time. On the web there are a lot of sites with keyword lists choose one of them if you really don't have any inspiration. Take your time nobody is pushing you. Once you found your subject that you want to write about, begin collecting information about it. And make sure that the keywords are present in all the titles of your post and in the title name of your blog. This is important or you will get problems with getting good traffic to your blog! Once you did that you need to write a post, and in that post you need to mark the important words and maybe even link some words to other sites for more information. Marking words is necessary it will give the viewer a good idea of the structure of your article, and it will help crawlers index your page more easily. Be aware of using flash because sometimes crawlers have a hard time indexing them.


Now, lets talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
The goal of SEO is to try and give your site a good position in the search engines and give you quality targeted readers that read your content and are interested in it. To reach this goal you need to have:

1.A blogname with some relevances to your subject not always possible but think hard.
2.Marking important words in your content (body ,title). The format is also important!
3.Backlinks (Links form other pages to your page) this gives you a higer pagerank.

Give comments on other related websites or blogs and leave your URL. Make sure you add your URL somewhere ... (socialbookmarks, link exchange for example, this is all explained in the previous posts.)
You can place your link anywhere, but just make sure you place it on sites that are RELATED so don't go posting your URL in a topics where the subject is "dogs". If
your blog goes about marketing. You need to attract people who are interested in marketing.

Some Info:
Primary keywords: are keywords in the title or head of your text.
Secondary keywords: are keywords in the body of your post.
Other keywords, like keywords in the anchor of a link tag are a bit more imporantt then plain text.

These are the main steps to make it easy for search engines to crawl your site and give your site/blog relevant keywords to attract the right audience.


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