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It's a bit soon to write a summary about my blog, but why not? 'Make your blog popular' is almost two weeks old, and still making it's first steps into the Blogosphere. The first week was really satisfying seeing the first visitors coming in, and seeing that some of them were actually reading some of my articles! After my sign up with Entrecard I saw a Big Boum in visitors. Following the succesfull weekend there was a little drop, but nothing to worry about. My main visitors are coming from Entrecard, but the thing that's upsetting me is that most them don't even look at my blog or take the time to read some of my articles. 90% of my visitors who visit my site just come to 'drop my card'. Entrecard, Blogcatalog and the SitepointForums are in my opinion still the best traffic 'givers'. Now my blog is reaching a 'steady' 20 visitors a day.