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There's a good ad network that I want to talk you about.It's called Revresponse. Revresponse is an ad network that allows bloggers and web owners of any kind to offer free magazine subscriptions and all sorts of software trials. When one of your visitors signs up for one these subscriptions or programs, you'll get paid. It's really easy to set up, and it's amazing how fast it can earn you money.

It's almost guaranteed that you will earn 1.50$ for every subscription/request. So, the more subscriptions you sell the more money you will get paid. Like most affiliate ad networks they offer the normal types of ads, but RevResponse wants to make every inch of your website or blog profitable. They offer special blog post modules, that blend together with your content, or you could use one of their slick widgets to give your blog design a boost in revenue. The ads are really easy to set up, you just have to insert the Javascript or Flashcode.

This ad network is not only limited to the US, everyone in the world can participate with RevResponse. The payments are made by check or Paypal Mass Pay. So, it's easy to receive your money.

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