If you never heard of Squidoo, imagine it as Blog, but with a little less options. Squidoo has been reviewed by The New York Times, Mashable, BoingBoing,... and is one of the 300 most popular sites in the US. Like on a blog, you write articles about the things you love or the things that inspire you. Every article that you write on Squidoo, is called a Lens, that is divided in several different modules. Every module is sponsored by a company like Ebay or Amazon, where you can promote their products, and earn a commission if you sell one of them. There's money to be made! You could keep all of the money for yourself, or you could donate a percentage of your profit to charity.

Squidoo has a large community with a forum. I would advise you to participate in this forum, certainly when you're a beginner, to attract readers and to learn more about Squidoo. The first thing you should when you've signed up is to make a nice profile, this way you'll get more attention. Squidoo is a perfect opportunity to get traffic to your blog. If you can make a good lens with links to your blog, and maybe reach the Top 100 lenses, you could get a good traffic boost to your blog.

Useful links:

Getting Started with Squidoo
The Squidoo Forum
Lens of the Day

I'll try to make a more detailed post soon.


  1. The Webloglearner // June 30, 2008 at 8:27 PM  

    Squidoo sounds so good. the problem however is time. i dont have much time for so many things to maximize my blog's performance. Too bad! I actually met some squidoo blog around and i wanted to make comments but since it requires registration, i let it there.

    I hate registrations. Commenting is something I do love although it eats my time sometime byt if I have to register, it's too much.

    What do you think?

    The Webloglearner ..where favors are reciprocated....

  2. SoccerFire // June 30, 2008 at 8:37 PM  

    Sometimes it's really stupid to sign up every time. Hmmmm, and all those passwords and names. :D