There are two main ways to make your blog popular.
You have the good way and you have the bad way. The bad way is like spamming
your link everywhere, on youtube for example or mailing your link to everybody but
thats not the right way. We need to follow the nice way, the way to succes and not the way to get banned. A good way is to make your blog popular is participate in a link exchange program. You then give your link and exchange it with someone else.
This way you will get a higher score in PageRank. Doesn't seem so hard, right?

Then there's another way that will give you a lot of popularity:
it helps when you post a comment on related blog and put your link beneath it, this way Google and other search engines will index you much faster. (I will make a list of good link exchange sites at the bottom of my blog). Be sure to add your Blog URL to the different search engines like Google, Yahoo, ... don't forget google Blog search and adding your blog to different open directories they could give your blog a big boost in traffic.

Content and Content

Make sure that your content is unique, don't go copying and pasting!
Add pictures or videos to give your articles a nice look, and make sure that it is unique and helps people solving there problems.
So don't post wrong information it will only give you a bad name.
There are exceptions, for example if you can't write or you just don't have the
time to write your own articles you could still look at free articles on the web
or even hire writers to write for you. Be aware there are some articles with copyrights so before you go copying and pasting somebodies article make sure you have his or her permission to publish the article on your blog.

Breaking news who doesn't like that?

There's also a tricky way but if you're lucky everything is possible. :D
For this you need a good source of information. What I mean is, make some contacts on the web that can give you valuable information. It takes time to find the right contacts, but keep on pushing trough.

Bad publicity?

Actually bad publicity doesn't exists because it's not killing you right?
There are many people who use this kind of publicity to get noticed and become
popular, but you need to have the guts to do this and you need be ready for the consequences of your actions.


  1. raks // August 3, 2008 at 1:30 PM  

    Nice tips for bloggers.
    keep going...........